Mia Maxi and Midi Skirt

About two weeks ago I was cleaning out some clothes that no longer fit and all of my maxi skirts had to go. I started hunting through my pattern stash for a maxi skirt pattern. I had a free one I’d used the the past but didn’t love it, so I just set the whole thing aside.

Then Sinclair Patterns came to the rescue (as always) with the new Mia Maxi and Midi skirt. You guys, I made three of them in as many days! Let’s jump into it shall we?

All of the skirts are a tall, size 8 in double brushed poly from the wonderful Knitpop.

First up a simple maxi in this gorgeous floral that I’ve been hoarding for months. I sometimes stay away from white because it can be a bit sheer but I’ve been wearing this skirt around town this week with no problems.

My absolute favorite thing about this pattern is the side slits. I love the look of maxi skirts but I sometimes find them a little restrictive to walk around in. The side slits completely solve that problem and are incredibly easy to sew.

Second I decided to do the midi length. I have a well documented hatred of shorts so I love a simple pull on skirt for hanging out around the house in the summer.


I went with the side slits again and am so happy with that decision. It’s been really hot (by my Pacific Northwest standards) and this skirt was so comfortable. It also goes great with the Gaia tank top that I shared last time.

Last I made this striped number. About half way through the testing process a pleated waistband was added to the pattern. I was crazy busy and I’d already made two skirts but I HAD to make that waistband  – sometimes a technique just calls to you – and I could not be happier with how it turned out.


I mean check out these pleats!! The drama of it! The pattern offers fantastic detailed instructions and marking that make sewing the pleats a total breeze.

The only modifications I made in the end was to shorten the maxi by about one inch, because I’m on the bottom of the tall measurements I often need to make a slight adjustment.

One last thing. I love a contrasting lining on my garments. I think it’s a fun way to add some personalization and gives a boutiquey look. It’s also a great way to use smaller scraps of fabric.


Mia is on sale for $5.99 through August 11th – no code needed.


Wedgwood Skirt

I love looking through Mod Cloth at the wild printed skirts and vintage styles. I’m not sure I’m an interesting enough person to pull off those looks but I can dream. So with that in mind, I found a one yard piece of this purse print fabric at the thrift store for a few bucks and it reminded me of those skirts I love.

I started searching out a good pleated skirt pattern and then I remembered… I already had a fantastic one in the Wedgwood by Straight Stitch Designs!

I had made this skirt once before when I was pretty new to sewing and I had been meaning to get back to it. I’m happy to report my sewing skills have in fact improved (go me!). I find the fit to be true to size and the instructions are easy to follow. I especially like the instructions for the zipper and the waistband.

The best parts, though, are the cute little details! The pocket flaps, which are a little hidden in this wild print, elevate what would otherwise be a fairly basic pleated skirt.



And the waistband is finished with the neatest method ever! I swear I’m modifying all of my waistbands to this method. It’s finished off with a button tab that I added these adorable little blue buttons to (same as the pocket flaps). I inserted a shorter zipper than the one called for in the pattern – 7″ instead of the recommended 9″.  I kinda love the contrast that it provides.


Paired with my current favorite t-shirt (any other Schitt’s Creek fans out there?) and it makes for the fun outfit of my Mod Cloth dreams.


Santi Skirt

Nothing beats a good structured skirt. Especially in winter. Especially made of lovely blue corduroy.


The new Santi skirt from Designer Stitch is a great exercise in structure and construction. It gives you the opportunity to play around with your top stitching skills while still being quick and painless to construct.

Also pockets.

All the pockets.

Cell phone sized pockets.

The skirt comes with an optional belt as well that really pulls the whole thing together.


Santi is on sale from Designer Stitch for a limited time. As a bonus, if you join the pattern support group on Facebook you can get a code for an additional $1 off.

Styling Pencil Skirts

I added a new pencil skirt to the shop today so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share with you all how I like to wear my many (too many?) pencil skirts.

Many of the skirts shown here are available in my Etsy Store.


As a work at home mom, pencils skirts probably seem totally impractical. I mean a fitted skirt? For grocery shopping?  For sitting through violin practice?

Heck yeah!

Because guess what, I really hate pants. They.are.the.worst. Pants and shorts have never fit me properly, and they’re not about to. Skirts though, skirts always fit because you only have to fit one spot: your waist or hips and even that is flexible.

The skirt I sell in the Etsy store is designed by Patterns for Pirates and I offer it and a high- or mid-waist option, and below or above knee length. I’m partial to the high waist, above knee option myself because I feel like it gives me a little more flexibility in how it’s worn.

Casual Spring and Summer

By far the most common way I wear my skirts is with a simple t-shirt and flats or flip-flops.

In general when I’m choosing outfits I like to pair one fitted with one loose. Since most of my shirts are loose fit I like my bottoms to be fitted, i.e. a pencil skirt.

Here’s a few examples for you: A pink geometric stripe with a simple gray tank (also made by me) or a fun graphic shirt paired with a floral skirt. I love the whimsy of the Alice shirt with the floral. I like to pair these with ballet flats, sneakers, or flip flops.

Dressed up for Dates or Business

On the rare occasion that I have the opportunity to dress up a little I love my pencil skirts.

I feel like the key to dressed up vs. casual is really just in tucking the shirt. Simple. An shoes, shoes are key.

I love pink top with bold geometric black and white skirt; throw in some pink heels and it would make a great wedding guest outfit. The green top with floral skirt is admittedly an advance class in pattern matching, but is totally something I would have worn to work back in the day with a pair of black heals.

Fall and Winter just add tights.

These have all been decidedly spring summer outfits and I’m usually too cold in the winter for skirts, but when I do I just add a pair of thick tights and I’ve got a really cute outfit.

I even wore tights with a chambray top and my floral skirt for our family pictures this year. My youngest wore a matching girls skirt.


This is another outfit I threw together for fall or winter. A light sweater and boots with the new floral skirt now available in the shop.


So there’s just a few ways I like to wear them. What’s your favorite way to style pencil skirts?

This post contains affiliate links as well as links to my Etsy store. Thank you for supporting a small business.