Journey Zip Up Hoodie

I finally did my first pattern test of the year and we’re starting off on a pretty high note. The Journey Hoodie is Sinclair Pattern’s latest pattern release. It’s a loose fitting zip up hoodie loaded with options.

There are three hood/collar options: a full hood, a half hood, and a standing collar.

There are also three pocket options: kangaroo, zippered, and cargo.

Mix and match to your heart’s delight.

Afraid of sewing zippers? Don’t be! The tutorial included with the pattern will hold your hand through the whole thing. I’ve sewn a number of zippers now but this was definitely one of my most successful.


The first one I made has a full hood and zippered pockets. It’s a size 8, regular height. I technically fit into Sinclair’s tall sizing, but because I have a short waist and long legs I find that for tops I prefer the regular height.

Fabric is a honeycomb grid, poly mystery, performance fabric from Jo Ann Fabrics and the inside is fully lined with a Polartec box weave performance fabric from Fabric Mart. I did a little off-label sewing, as I am wont to do, and lined the body (the pattern as written only calls for lining the hood). There were two reasons for this: 1) I really wanted to use that Polartec but it was too thin on it’s own and 2) I wanted the hide the pockets and keep them from flopping around on the inside.

How to do this little hack? Simple! Cut extra pieces of the body and sleeves from lining. Construct the zippered pockets as written in the instructions on the OUTER FABRIC ONLY. Then layer the lining fabric and the outer fabric with finished pockets wrong sides together. From there simply treat them as one piece and continue on your merry way.
WARNING: This does create a lot of bulk. Prepare to break some needles.


Check out the contrast pink and green zippers you guys!! I used a strip of bright pink for the neckline binding to go with the pocket zippers.

Hoodie number two was much more straight forward. Except for the sleeves. We’ll get to that.


This time I did the full hood and the kangaroo pockets, same sizing as before. I mixed four fabrics to get this look. The tan and green are brushed french terry, the cuffs and bottom band are a rib knit, and the hood is lined with a green rayon spandex. Everything except the rayon spandex came from Knitpop, mostly in scrap packs. Scrap busting for the win!!

So the sleeves. Super simple hack. To get the stripes I cut and added strips of tan fabric to the green and then laid my sleeve pattern piece on top and treated it like stripes. I could not be happier with how it turned out.


I love the clean and professional finishes on this pattern. It’ll definitely going into heavy rotation. Today is your last day to get it at the intro price of $7.99 so hurry and get your copy now!


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